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Genesis Software Clash of Queens Slot


What To Expect In Clash Of Queens Slot

With so many online slot games available at players’ fingertips, reading game recommendations or reviews can help make game selection easier for slot players. Gaming experts review slot games and provide short descriptions of the game online for players’ perusal. Playing recommended online machines or reading game overviews first instead of trying out each and every game, which can be a time consuming and expensive exercise, means players’ will start spinning the reels faster and will always enjoy the top of the crop of slot offerings.

One slot machine game which has been tried and tested, and recommended, by reputable slot experts is the Clash of Queens Slot machine developed by Genesis Software.  If player’s have dabbled in the online arena before, they will already be familiar with Genesis Software’s state-of-the-art features and technologically advanced software embedded in every one of its online products. Favouring this developer will instantly remove other developer-powered slots from the selection table on the search for the ultimate online game.

With this slot gem, players can expect an online slot machine that boasts 25 pay lines and five reels. The game’s name pretty much gives the general idea of the theme which this slot is based on – ‘queens’. In more detail, players can expect the theme to feature two main queen characters, the red queen and the white queen.

Surpassing Slot Expectations

This medium variance game surpasses all slot expectations. The Clash of Queens Slot surpasses expectations for graphics, with an intriguing parallax effect created where the background graphics move with the swipe of a finger or the movement of the mouse. It transcends the average slot graphics to showcase multi-dimensional aesthetics.

The theme not only surpasses the typical Alice in Wonderful theme adopted by many online slots, but also showcases the complete complement of recognisable characters in a new light. Humpty Dumpty, two queens, a mirror and Tweedledee and Tweedledum are far from static images and are seen floating magically on the reels.

Speaking of winning potential, the Clash of Queens Slot surpasses standard RTP percentages to offer a RTP of 95.57 percent. Referring to in-game features, this slot surpasses other gaming titles which offer only one or two pay-out enhancers, with a wild substitution, a scatter symbol, free spins, multipliers, random wild reels and a fun bonus picking game all adding to the entertainment factor.

Realistic Expectations According To Gameplay

When playing for real money, players fall short of reaching their financial expectations when their goal or desire for the take-home prize does not correspond to their financial inputs or bets much like older folks enjoying games of online bingo in Australia. Put simply, players cannot expect to place the lowest bet and win the highest reward. If betting on a low coin denomination on the Clash of Queens Slot, be realistic about your returns and pay-outs. Your expectation of claiming the ultimate prize only can be fulfilled if playing on maximum bet. The betting option on this slot ranges from 0.01 credits to 10 credits per pay line. The amount of pay lines activated per spin is adjustable as well, but trigger all of them and you may just satisfy your slot expectations.

Author:Emiliano Gibson