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A Look Into Dinosaur Adventure Slot By Genesis Software


Genesis Software’s gaming portfolio just got a little bigger with the release of its new slot title. This new game not only complements other slot games within the portfolio, creating for a coherent slot selection, but it also has the gaming qualities to render it as a standalone slot masterpiece.

While some developers create similar slots one after the other, with not many differences spotted between gaming titles other than the themes, other developers like Genesis Software create unique slots, which are unique from all others in the range. Case in point is its latest offering, the Dinosaur Adventure Slot machine.

A sneak-peek into this slot reveals that it is a video slot inspired by the dinosaurs of years gone by.  Although one would expect this theme to be typically carried out in a cheesy, cartoonish way, the game’s tone is more serious and the graphics are more realistic and true to form.

The Brontosaurus, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and T-Rex reel symbols look like they have come from real-life photographs found in history books. Sound effects and an untouched jungle background on the Dinosaur Adventure Slot really immerses players in, glues them to the screen and keeps them coming back – unlike the dinosaurs, this slot will never go extinct.

The developer created this slot masterpiece for use on mobiles and tablets specifically, with Flash and HTML5 versions being available for those who enjoy playing on the move.

A Complimentary Complement To A Growing Selection

This developer takes pride in every slot game it creates and with every creation, attempts to cater for all types of slot fans. It’s growing selection of slots range from complex and simplistic to four reeled and five reeled grids, as all boast different themes with corresponding symbols displayed in different aesthetic fashions and styles.

The Dinosaur Adventure Slot fits in comfortably with all the other five reeled slots, but what makes it stand-alone is that is offers more pay lines then other slots of the same breed. Setting it miles away from the 20 or 25 pay line slots is this game’s 1024 ways to win. With a jackpot that never expands, this slot also complements Genesis Software’s other non-progressive jackpot games, but what makes it different is that unlike larger jackpots found  with real money blackjack or on other slots, this jackpot only offers a total of 800 coins.

Like other slots in the portfolio, the Dinosaur Adventure Slot offers players a variety of betting options, however, once again this slot stands alone with its coin values slightly higher than other slots. In this game, coin values range from 0.40 to 40 while other slots range from 0.01 to 10.

If You’re Not A Fan, You Will Be

Whether or not dinosaur-themed games are your favourite or not, merely focusing on the in-game boosters and added features will make you a fan of this slot. A wild symbol, a scatter, free spins and a multiplier will tip the Dinosaur Adventure Slot in your favour.

Creating for die-hard fans is the unique All Pays feature, which means payouts pay from left to right and from right to left as well. Lastly, cementing your return to this historical slot is the fact that the Dinosaur Adventure Slot offers a RTP of just under 100 per cent.

Author:Emiliano Gibson