Free bets and bonuses


Free Bets and Bonuses

Everyone loves a bonus and that is why sports betting sites offer free bets and bonuses to their bettors.  Betting bonuses are extra money that is transferred into the bettors account to place bets.  Bettors will usually have to make a deposit and place a bet in order to qualify for them, but basically it is free money.  Free bets and bonuses increase the bankroll and many online sports betting sites offer generous bonuses, mainly for new bettors signing up for the first time.

The reason why sports betting sites offer free bets and bonuses is because of the growth of online sites giving bettors many options to choose from.  Because of these online sports betting sites have to come up with new ways of attracting bettors and keeping the existing ones happy and free money is always a bonus.  Bettors are generally happier to sign up with a new site if there is a generous bonus or to keep playing if there are more bonuses on the way.

Wagering Requirements

Canadian bettors may now be asking how it is possible that online sites can just give away money.  There are of course terms and conditions attached to free bets and bonuses and generally these are reasonable.  A bettor would usually have to make a deposit to qualify and then have to bet a certain amount in order to cash out.

This is known as a wagering requirement and the terms vary from site to site.  It is important that bettors ensure that they check the terms and conditions of the free bets and bonuses.  Some sites will specify which bets can be used towards the wagering requirements or with free bets they may let bettors keep their original bet and the winnings while others will only allow bettors only their winnings.

Types of Bonuses

The most common type of bonus for Canadian bettors is a sign up bonus and is offered to bettors when they sign up for the first time.  It is usually a certain percentage of the initial deposit up to a maximum amount.  The sign up bonus is added to the bettor’s account and can be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met.

Some sports betting sites will offer free bets up to a certain amount rather than a sign up bonus while others will give a small free bet for signing up to the site.  Other sports betting sites may not offer a sign up bonus but will refund bettors if they lose on their first bet, this may not seem like a good deal but it is still a risk free first bet to test some soccer bets with before the world cup.  Canadian bettors should take the time to look at the various bonuses and free bets when shopping for a sports betting site and choose the one that offers them the best value.

Another type of bonus is a reload bonus.  These are very similar to a sign up bonus but existing bettors can qualify for these.  Some sites will offer these bonuses to bettors when they make their first deposit every month or sometimes every week.  Few sites will give bettors a reload bonus for every deposit, but it does happen.  Most online sports betting sites will offer their existing players a VIP bonus or a loyalty programme depending on how much they bet or how long they have been betting on the site.

Bonuses and free bets are a great way for Canadian bettors to increase their bankroll and enjoy free money or bets.

Ways to Boost Betting and Winning Potential


Ways to Boost Betting and Winning Potential

In order for Canadian bettors to increase their betting and winning potential there are many factors to consider and which will be helpful in making the betting experience successful.

Be Realistic

Bettors should always remember that winning at sports betting is not easy and although there will be times when they are able to accurately predict a winner this will not always be the case.  There is a vast difference between being successful with small bets and being able to win in order to make a profit.

The reality is that bettors will lose bets and winning will require research and extensive knowledge.  Bettors should plan to be a winner, on the other hand it is important to realise that winning is not always going to happen.  The best thing to do is for bettors to set goals that they can realistically achieve and remember to have fun, things can get serious at a later stage.

Learn All there is to Know

Being knowledgeable about sports betting is the key to winning.  Being able to master the basics is very important and bettors should learn all there is to know about placing bets that will give them the upper hand when doing so.  Understanding what odds are all about, how a bet works and the different types of bets.

What are the best ways to place bets and how does a sports book take bets.  It is also good to know how a sports book makes money as knowing the inner workings of something always has its advantages.

Plan a Budget and Stick to It

Planning a budget is probably the most important factor when wanting to boost betting and winning potential.  Everyone has a different way of planning their budget and bettors should use the one that works for them when looking forward to the AFL betting odds this season.

The important thing for bettors to do is to make a budget and then stick to it.  Using money set aside for sports betting is fine, but bettors must never use money set aside for living expenses, this is irrational betting and can only lead to disappointment.  Canadian bettors should make use of a betting plan, and it is advised that bettors use between 1 and 2% of their income for betting, definitely no more than 5%.

Place Bets Online

Betting online is the best way for Canadian bettors to go when betting on sports.  It is convenient and allows bettors to take advantage of bonuses and promotions that are offered.  Registering with multiple sports betting sites is a great way to compare odds and lines and more sites means more bonuses that can increase the bankroll.

Be Selective

Canadian bettors should limit their betting selection; choose carefully which sports to bet on.  There are so many available options, a variety of sports, events and competitions that it is difficult to choose.

Betting on too man y different things can become a problem as too much money is used for betting and it can become difficult to make good selections.  It is much better to focus on finding good betting opportunities.  Canadian bettors should start by betting on sports that they enjoy and are knowledgeable about which will help narrow it down.

Canadian bettors can not only boost their betting and winning potential by following these 5 simple ways but can enjoy a betting experience with as few disappointments as possible.

What is Entertainment Betting?


What is Entertainment Betting?

One of the greatest advantages to participating in online sports betting is that the betting market is so much wider than what you’ll find at a traditional bookmaker in Canada. Due to the nature of online sports betting, wagers can be placed on virtually any sport imaginable, but there are also plenty of Novelty markets available to choose from.

One such emerging Novelty market is Entertainment betting where wagers can be placed on reality TV, talent competitions, popular televisions series and award shows. While this may sound quite strange, its a growing market, and a vast number of bettors are opting for wagering on who will win So You Think You Can Dance? And The Voice!

Top-Ranked Online Sportsbooks for Entertainment Betting

In order to find the best range of Entertainment bets, bettors in Canada will first have to find a premium online sportsbook. This may sound like a simple task as we have all seen adverts for online sportsbooks all over the Internet, but it’s important to remember that not all online sportsbooks are worth your hard-earned money. As such, punters should visit comparison sites and only create accounts with recommended online sportsbooks that offer entertainment-betting options at their best.

Not all sportsbooks offer entertainment betting as yet, but as this market grows it’s becoming increasingly common to se this type of wagering on offer.

Wide Range of Entertainment Bets

Due to the nature of the entertainment industry, there is a constant stream of new and exciting series and films to enjoy, which has a direct impact on the Entertainment betting markets. Whether you are into reality television shows which offer a slice of life of the rich and famous, talent competitions which test the skills of participants under often harsh circumstances, or award shows celebrating the best in their respective industries, Entertainment betting offers an excellent range of wagers for Canadian bettors whereas traditional bets perform better at Australian horse racing betting sites.

If you enjoy talent competitions, The Voice is one of the most popular shows in the country, and wagers can be placed on a number of aspects of the show, such as which singer or coach will be the overall winner and even which State will win. Award shows such as the Oscars or Grammys offer betting opportunities for all major categories and will make watching the awards even more exciting.

Shopping the Entertainment Betting Odds

One of the greatest pieces of advice Canadian bettors can heed is to create an account with more than one online sportsbook. Before you blow this off as insane, there is a very important reason why this is recommended. As Entertainment betting is a highly popular emerging market, the range of online sportsbooks, which are now offering wagers of this type, continues to grow. In order to ensure that you will receive the maximum payout for a successful wager, you need to shop the Entertainment betting odds at more than one online sportsbook.

It is a simple and easy process and goes like this: peruse the range of Entertainment wagers and odds on offer at your favourite online sportsbook. Now, before staking any money, take a look at what competing online sportsbooks are offering and only place a wager with the site that offers the best return on investment!

Understanding Novelty Betting


Understanding Novelty Betting

Many bettors in Canada may only think of online sports betting as a way to place wagers on a match or tournament outcome, but there are many different types of wagers to be enjoyed, such as Novelty betting. If you’re keen on getting started, or you’re simply aiming to improve your success rate, our step-by-step guide to Novelty betting will assist you with just that.

What is Novelty Betting?

Novelty betting, also known as proposition or exotic betting is a wager placed on occurrences or non-occurrences during a match or race that do not directly affect the match outcome. Even though outcome betting is incredibly popular amongst Canadians, Novelty betting shouldn’t be thought of as less-serious betting form, as some of the biggest payouts have been generated by successful Novelty bets as wagers of this kind generally see lucrative odds.

In order to make sure you are getting the best of Novelty betting, be sure to peruse the range of wagers available to choose from at a good number of top-ranked online sportsbooks open to Canadians. It’s suggested that you have a few online sports betting accounts to better peruse the range of Novelty bets on offer. If you haven’t as yet decided on an online sportsbook, comparison sites will offer a good range of options that have been tried and tested and ranked accordingly. This will make Novelty betting even easier, and ensure that you place solid wagers with the best chance of winning!

Examples of Novelty Bets

Due to the nature of online betting NZ, Novelty bets will be available on almost every sport imaginable, from Football to Volleyball and everything in between. As such, we have provided examples of Novelty betting that have in the past, garnered plenty of attention:

  • What type of hat Bruno Mars will wear when he performs at the Super Bowl?
  • Will a coin toss be heads or tails?
  • Will the first player to score have a jersey number above/below 40?
  • Will the game go into overtime?
  • Which player will go off due to injury?
  • Will the power trip during the game?

As you can see, these bets are not directly related to the actual game, but to the incidents and circumstances that come about due to a sporting event taking place.

Finding Excellent Novelty Betting Odds

Much like the advice on having accounts with multiple top-ranked online sports books to better peruse the available Novelty bets, Canadians are advised to do this in order to find the best Novelty betting odds. Odds set by the online bookmaker not only denote the chances of an event taking place, but also show you how lucrative a pay-out will be if your prediction proves correct.

In order to make sure you are getting the best possible return on investment, it’s important for bettors to shop the odds on offer for Novelty betting at a range of online sportsbooks. Start with your favourite online sportsbook and find a Novelty bet that you’re keen on. Then, before staking any money, peruse the odds on offer with competing sites, and only place the wager with the online sportsbook that offers the best odds. This can increase your chances of a win, as good odds equal great payouts!



The Best Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos will always have two main appealing aspects: games and bonuses. While casino games are fairly well known across the world, there are many that do not quite know all the different types of bonuses that casinos offer and how they work.

Casino bonuses come in every shape and form, and while they may all vary from casino to casino, almost all of them exist to reward players in one way or another. One of the biggest advantages about bonuses is that they give players an idea of what new online casino they want to sign up with, as bonuses can often be the most distinguishing feature between two casinos.

The main point of a bonus from a casino’s side is to entice new players, and therefore casinos are always trying to offer potential players the very best bonuses possible. This, in turn, can create a lot of competition between the various online casinos as they try and draw the attention of new players. This also means that the bonuses are constantly changing, and new ones are being added daily. Finding a new, lucrative bonus is absolutely crucial to getting started with a new casino, as more often than not it can mean free rewards for the player without having to invest too much time or money into the casino.

Learning about the different available bonuses and how they work can help players sort through the different online casinos and choose one that suits them best. On top of this, players will receive unique rewards from the bonuses, making the entire experience a win-win for players that are new to the world of online betting and casino games.

Types Of Bonuses

As mentioned, there is a large collection of different types of bonuses offered by casinos. Each has its advantages, and each can radically change the way a person feels about a casino. While there are more types of bonuses than could be mentioned at once, there are a few that tend to be a lot more popular among new players.

The Welcome Bonus

This is the most common type of bonus that new players will come across, and almost every online casino will offer some kind of welcome bonus. Most often, these bonuses will be activated once the player has created an account and made deposit of a certain amount.

In terms of rewards, players can expect the casino to return anywhere between 25% and 200% of the initial deposit amount. It varies from site to site, and players will have to make sure that the welcome bonus benefits them as much as possible, as this is a good way to get started out in a casino, especially for those that do not have large amounts of cash to spend.

The No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a welcome bonus in another form. These bonuses are designed to allow players to try out a new casino without having to make any type of financial investment. This gives players the opportunity to learn how the casino operates, what kind of games they offer, and the general feel of the casino. If the player is not impressed, they can simply move on, and will not have lost any of their money.

Monthly Bonuses

These are bonuses that are aimed at players who are with a casino on a more permanent basis. These are also often known as loyalty programs, and casinos use them to reward players that have been with the casino for a long time. Additionally, these bonuses often keep players interested in staying with the casino, and often the casino will allow the players to accumulate special VIP points over time, which they can then use for a reward.

High Roller Bonus

Similar to the monthly bonus, this is a bonus that can allow players to accumulate points over time. The difference being is that this bonus applies to those players that tend to spend large amounts of money at the casino and on the games. These kinds of players are known as the high rollers, and many casinos will have a levelling system where players that spend enough money and accumulate enough points can move up the levels with real money blackjack games. The higher the player rises in these special VIP levels, the more rewards they can unlock later on, as well as having access to exclusive content.

Device Bonuses

The mobile world has given online casinos more flexibility than ever, and as the popularity of mobile devices continues to grow, so will casinos continue to offer their players unique bonuses. Using devices such as those made by Apple or Android is a good way to earn bonuses.

Game Bonuses

Casinos will often have a select number of games in their libraries that, when played, award players will bonuses to their accounts. These can come in many forms, but often it will be free spins, free credit into the account, and VIP points. The more the player tries out these select games, the more often they will be awarded.

Bonus Codes

While a little rarer than the average bonus, bonus codes are special codes that players can use on certain sites that unlock exclusive content. This can come in the form of free spins, discounted game prices, and credit that is added to the player’s account. Players will need to keep a sharp eye on different casinos and sites, as the codes are usually limited time offers.

Finding The Best Bonuses

Knowing the different bonuses and what they offer is one thing, but finding the casinos that offer these bonuses is another. One of the best and most efficient ways to find a casino that offers the best bonuses is by visiting special casino comparison sites. These are websites that have specialists who sort through and filter the most popular casinos, and give players a summary of what the casino offers in terms of games, bonuses, support, and other services.

These sites are easy to use and contain plenty of useful information for new players, and remain one of the best ways to find the best online casinos.

Paddy Power Sports


Paddy Power Sports

Paddy Power Sports is the result of a merger of 3 Irish bookmakers in 1988.  Paddy Power Sports has 365 betting shops, which are located in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.  They are the 3rd largest bookmaker and the 6th largest online gaming bookmaker in Britain and Ireland.

Safety Features

Paddy Power Sports makes use of 128 bit SSL encryption which protects all data and ensures that all information that goes through the web server stays private.  To ensure that the SSL security is activated a padlock will appear on the browser.  They also have data protection that means they do not share any personal or financial information with a third party.  Paddy Power Sports uses a network firewall that protects any attempts at hacking their site.

All credit card details will be subject to a credit check that ensures that the credit card number entered is correct.  This means that a bettor’s credit card cannot be used for fraudulent purposes.   Paddy Power Sports has also added an extra security feature that will log bettors out of their accounts if they are logged on but have not been active for 24 hours.  It is also recommended that bettors regularly change their passwords and that regular scans are done.

Responsible Gaming

Paddy Power Sports has a web page devoted to responsible gaming.  The page offers advice to help prevent under age gaming, tips and tools to help stay within betting limits and looking out for friends and family who may have a gaming issue.  The site has a range of helpful options such as a budgeting while betting and knowing when to take a break.

Variety of Sports

This sports book has a range of different sports on which bettors can place wagers and they include Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Bowls, Handball, Motor Racing, Politics, Pool, Rowing and many more.  Bettors can access all of the games on offer by clicking the sports betting tab on their site.  Paddy Power Sports also has novelty bets that include bets such as what colour will the lottery bonus ball be?

Financial Options

Paddy Power Sports has a Cash Card Plus that is directly linked to the Paddy Power Palace which means that bettors can withdraw cash from an ATM without incurring any bank charges.  They offer a range of different banking methods to deposit money and to withdraw winnings.  These range from bank transfers to ewallets that have a faster processing time.  The processing time will vary depending on what banking method is used.  The methods for both withdrawal and deposit include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

Call Centre

The Paddy Power Sports call centre is available between the hours of 08:00 till 24:00 Monday to Saturday and from 09:00 till 24:00 on a Sunday.  They can be contacted by phone, email and live chat and their call centre staff are knowledgeable and helpful.


Paddy Power Sports often have promotions and these include welcome bonuses for new bettors as well as promotions that are specific to certain events.  They do offer a regular bonus, which is a free bet for any new bettors as well as free in-play bet, offers on football games and accumulator bonuses for mobile horse racing bets.  They also offer special bonuses and promotions for big games or sporting events.

Paddy Power Sports has a well-designed online site with great promotional offers on a wide range of sporting activities.  Their call centre is efficient and helpful and secure online betting is ensured.



Online NRL Betting for New Zealanders

With a range of NRL markets at online bookmakers, worrying about missing out on rugby betting action is the last thing punters in New Zealand need to do. Using their computers, they can bet on pre-season games, premiership and representative season games, the finals series, and the Grand Final.

Many of the available markets allow for futures and live betting, as well as match bets and tournament outright and prop or exotic bets. Betting gathers momentum as the season progresses, but, to take advantage of great odds, many punters who want to bet on the winners of the Grand Final place their wagers fairly early in the season.

Of the teams in the league, only one calls New Zealand home. The rest are all based in that other great rugby-loving country, Australia.

Types of NRL Bets

While the NRL Grand Final attracts the most bets, the premiership and representative seasons are definitely not ignored by Kiwi punters. With almost 500 match bets per season, the action is plentiful.

The vast majority of punters in New Zealand bet on teams to win either specific matches or the Grand Final, and many also throw in a few prop bets. Punters could bet on players to score to score the first try, correct total scores, whether or not a game will go into extra time, and more at the best NRL betting sites.

In order to place bets at online bookmakers, it is necessary for punters to sign up and create an account into which they can deposit NZ$. It is then simply a matter of logging in whenever they want to place their bets, which they can do by selecting the NFL market and choosing bets from the available options.

Teams in the NRL

The one Kiwi team in the NRL is the New Zealand Warriors. Established in 1995, the team is based at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium.

The Australian teams that make up the bulk of the league are the Brisbane Broncos, Canberra Raiders, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, Gold Coast Titans, Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, Melbourne Storm, Newcastle Knights, North Queensland Cowboys, Parramatta Eels, Penrith Panthers, South Sydney Rabbitohs, St George Illawarra Dragons, Sydney Roosters, and Wests Tigers.

During the season, each team plays every other team at home and away. The sporting and betting action tends to be dramatic from the very start, as these teams are nothing less than the best in New Zealand and Aussie rugby.

NRL Season from Start to Finals

Punters and sports fans alike wait for NRL season, which usually begins in early March. However, pre-season games are played in February, which gives teams and New Zealander punters a chance to warm up with evens such as the Charity Shield and the Foundation Cup.

The premiership season runs for 26 weeks, with games played on Friday, Saturday, and Monday evenings, as well as on Sunday afternoons. There are also special events and themed weeks during the season, the Ron Coote, Jack Gibson, and Mal Reilly cups, and the Rivalry and Woman in League rounds among them.

During the representative season, NRL players are selected for participation in rugby tournaments and games such as the Prime Minister’s XIII Match, the Anzac Test, the State of Origin Series, the Pacific Tests, and test matches between New Zealand and Australia.

In the finals series, the top-ranking eight teams from the premiership series play against each other until the last two teams left in the competition face each other in early October’s Grand Final, one of the major highlights on the online NRL betting calendar.

Gingerbread Lane slot


Gingerbread Lane Slot by Genesis

Gingerbread Lane slot is a slot with a number of themes all twined into one game. On the one hand it is not so subtly geared towards Christmas, but on the other it is a fantasy game about a bunch of edible people. The game has five reels and twenty five optional paylines that can be played for much as 20 coins per line, or as little as one.

Each coin can hold a value of between 0.01 currency units and up to 0.20. This puts Gingerbread Lane slot very firmly into the penny slot category. Gingerbread Lane slot is not a game that will appeal to high rollers, as the wager amounts are too small and there is no progressive jackpot to be won. Beginner players may find its simple layout and cheap wager amount inviting however.

Feminine Feel

Gingerbread Lane slot is a cute slot with lots of pastel colours and warm fuzzies. The reels sit in a snowy town with houses made from gingerbread, and people made from gingerbread. Candy canes flank each side of the reels and also drip with either snow or icing. The graphics are very cartoon style, but not the kind you would find on a sat morning. The symbols and background look like they have come either from a Christmas card, or a Christmas music video. The soundtrack only plays when the reels spin and is a slightly repetitive oompa band tune. The whole slot has a very cheerful, light and almost feminine feel to it. Everything animates, including the games name at the top of the screen and the background.

Edible Symbols

Gingerbread Lane slot has both theme based and non theme based symbols. The non theme based ones are from a deck of poker cards. These also animate when forming a part of a real money slots win. They have been designed to fit in with the general feel by looking as if they are made of icing. Nine through to ace is worth between 100 and 200 coins for five of a kind. The various gingerbread characters and their pets are worth between 500 and 1000 coins for five of them in a row on an active payline.

Gingerbread Lane slot’s wild symbol is a star studded square with the word wild on it. This can be found anywhere on the reels and will replace any other symbol in the game except for the scatter. This is also the highest paying symbol in the game worth 2000 coins for five of them. Any wins containing a wild will be doubled.

Christmas Gift Free Spins

Gingerbread Lane slot’s free spins feature is launched by finding three or more Gingerbread Lane slot logos anywhere on the reels. These will pay out scatter wins for two or more, and do not have to be in any order or any particular position.

The free spins are awarded when three or more scatters are found anywhere on the reels. Once this happens you will be taken t a second screen where a Gingerbread Man dad displays eight gifts. Each gift contains a multiplier and an amount of free spins. You pick one, and get to play it out. Three or more scatters during the free spins round will take you back to the gingerbread dad where you will pick again.

Dinosaur Adventure Slot


A Look Into Dinosaur Adventure Slot By Genesis Software

Genesis Software’s gaming portfolio just got a little bigger with the release of its new slot title. This new game not only complements other slot games within the portfolio, creating for a coherent slot selection, but it also has the gaming qualities to render it as a standalone slot masterpiece.

While some developers create similar slots one after the other, with not many differences spotted between gaming titles other than the themes, other developers like Genesis Software create unique slots, which are unique from all others in the range. Case in point is its latest offering, the Dinosaur Adventure Slot machine.

A sneak-peek into this slot reveals that it is a video slot inspired by the dinosaurs of years gone by.  Although one would expect this theme to be typically carried out in a cheesy, cartoonish way, the game’s tone is more serious and the graphics are more realistic and true to form.

The Brontosaurus, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and T-Rex reel symbols look like they have come from real-life photographs found in history books. Sound effects and an untouched jungle background on the Dinosaur Adventure Slot really immerses players in, glues them to the screen and keeps them coming back – unlike the dinosaurs, this slot will never go extinct.

The developer created this slot masterpiece for use on mobiles and tablets specifically, with Flash and HTML5 versions being available for those who enjoy playing on the move.

A Complimentary Complement To A Growing Selection

This developer takes pride in every slot game it creates and with every creation, attempts to cater for all types of slot fans. It’s growing selection of slots range from complex and simplistic to four reeled and five reeled grids, as all boast different themes with corresponding symbols displayed in different aesthetic fashions and styles.

The Dinosaur Adventure Slot fits in comfortably with all the other five reeled slots, but what makes it stand-alone is that is offers more pay lines then other slots of the same breed. Setting it miles away from the 20 or 25 pay line slots is this game’s 1024 ways to win. With a jackpot that never expands, this slot also complements Genesis Software’s other non-progressive jackpot games, but what makes it different is that unlike larger jackpots found  with real money blackjack or on other slots, this jackpot only offers a total of 800 coins.

Like other slots in the portfolio, the Dinosaur Adventure Slot offers players a variety of betting options, however, once again this slot stands alone with its coin values slightly higher than other slots. In this game, coin values range from 0.40 to 40 while other slots range from 0.01 to 10.

If You’re Not A Fan, You Will Be

Whether or not dinosaur-themed games are your favourite or not, merely focusing on the in-game boosters and added features will make you a fan of this slot. A wild symbol, a scatter, free spins and a multiplier will tip the Dinosaur Adventure Slot in your favour.

Creating for die-hard fans is the unique All Pays feature, which means payouts pay from left to right and from right to left as well. Lastly, cementing your return to this historical slot is the fact that the Dinosaur Adventure Slot offers a RTP of just under 100 per cent.

Deep Sea Diver slot


Genesis Software Releases Deep Sea Diver Slot

April last year saw the release of a refreshing video slot game from the popular Genesis Software developer. With many slots themed according to ancient lands, exotic destinations and animals living on the land, it was about time that a developer looked to broader shores and offered a slot inspired by the big blue sea.

After being caught fresh from deep waters and placed in this slot’s virtual marine tank, players are now able to see jelly fish, eels, shells and never before seen underwater creatures on the blue reels of the Deep Sea Diver Slot.  The reels are bordered by a yellow submarine which lies on top of a background boasting an underwater environment, and even the game’s buttons feature hues of blue.

Experience The Reels First Hand

With many online casino platforms recommending this game and experts spewing rave reviews of the Deep Sea Diver Slot all over the internet, players now have the chance to play this game for free or real money and experience first-hand what others have rattled on about.

To experience this game, players will spin the five reels after placing a coin bet of their choice and triggering their desired amount of any of the 25 pay lines available. On their road to possible riches, slot players will enjoy intense fun as they try to claim the non-progressive jackpot of an impressive 2 500 coins. Every completion of a reel spin will either deliver a high-value symbol combination across the grid or reveal a wild symbol or a scatter symbol.

If seeing the perfect reel set-up is not satisfying enough on the Deep Sea Diver slot, players will also experience the fun bonus game first hand if the correct symbols land on the reels. Experiencing rewarding bonus games which feature free spins and multipliers is something all players will get to do first hand.

Suitable For Experienced Players

Although this slot welcomes all kinds of players, this game is recommended for professional slot players. Seasoned players have raved about this game due to its vast number of added features and detailed customised options, which beginners have come to find as too complex. Seasoned players generally are high rollers and enjoy bets of the maximum kind. Placing 20 coins per pay line and triggering max pay lines will see hopefuls claiming a piece of the generous 97 percent RTP pie.

Dive Further To Claim More

One of the outstanding features reaping rave reviews from both slot experts and slot fans is the Deep Sea Diver Slot’s unique tank feature. The longer a player spins the reels for, the more tanks he or she will receive. The meter on the bottom left hand side of the screen keeps track of all the tanks received during gameplay.

Players can use these tanks to redeem special prizes or in-game features on the Deep Sea Diver Slot while enjoying some bingo for money on the side. Making this feature even more refreshing it that as a player doubles or halves their wager, the number of tanks will either double or halve respectively – an incentive to bet higher. Collect enough tanks and one of three bonus games can be entered into.

Hold your breath and enjoy the dive, wreck or the deep dive bonus features, with every one of these bonus games on the Deep Sea Diver Slot rewarding players with whopping wins, more free spins, locked wilds and other freebies.