Free bets and bonuses


Everyone loves a bonus and that is why sports betting sites offer free bets and bonuses to their bettors.  Betting bonuses are extra money that is transferred into the bettors account to place bets.  Bettors will usually have to make a deposit and place a bet in order to qualify for them, but basically it is free money.

Free bets and bonuses increase the bankroll and many online sports betting sites offer generous bonuses, mainly for new bettors signing up for the first time. Read more

Ways to Boost Betting and Winning Potential


In order for Canadian bettors to increase their betting and winning potential there are many factors to consider and which will be helpful in making the betting experience successful.

Be Realistic

Bettors should always remember that winning at sports betting is not easy and although there will be times when they are able to accurately predict a winner this will not always be the case.  There is a vast difference between being successful with small bets and being able to win in order to make a profit. Read more

What is Entertainment Betting?


One of the greatest advantages to participating in online sports betting is that the betting market is so much wider than what you’ll find at a traditional bookmaker in Canada. Due to the nature of online sports betting, wagers can be placed on virtually any sport imaginable, but there are also plenty of Novelty markets available to choose from.

One such emerging Novelty market is Entertainment betting where wagers can be placed on reality TV, talent competitions, popular televisions series and award shows. While this may sound quite strange, its a growing market, and a vast number of bettors are opting for wagering on who will win So You Think You Can Dance? And The Voice! Read more

Understanding Novelty Betting


Many bettors in Canada may only think of online sports betting as a way to place wagers on a match or tournament outcome, but there are many different types of wagers to be enjoyed, such as Novelty betting. If you’re keen on getting started, or you’re simply aiming to improve your success rate, our step-by-step guide to Novelty betting will assist you with just that.

What is Novelty Betting?

Novelty betting, also known as proposition or exotic betting is a wager placed on occurrences or non-occurrences during a match or race that do not directly affect the match outcome. Even though outcome betting is incredibly popular amongst Canadians, Novelty betting shouldn’t be thought of as less-serious betting form, as some of the biggest payouts have been generated by successful Novelty bets as wagers of this kind generally see lucrative odds. Read more

The Best Online Casino Bonuses


Online casinos will always have two main appealing aspects: games and bonuses. While casino games are fairly well known across the world, there are many that do not quite know all the different types of bonuses that casinos offer and how they work.

Casino bonuses come in every shape and form, and while they may all vary from casino to casino, almost all of them exist to reward players in one way or another. One of the biggest advantages about bonuses is that they give players an idea of what new online casino they want to sign up with, as bonuses can often be the most distinguishing feature between two casinos. Read more

Paddy Power Sports


Paddy Power Sports is the result of a merger of 3 Irish bookmakers in 1988.  Paddy Power Sports has 365 betting shops, which are located in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.  They are the 3rd largest bookmaker and the 6th largest online gaming bookmaker in Britain and Ireland.

Safety Features

Paddy Power Sports makes use of 128 bit SSL encryption which protects all data and ensures that all information that goes through the web server stays private.  To ensure that the SSL security is activated a padlock will appear on the browser.  They also have data protection that means they do not share any personal or financial information with a third party.  Paddy Power Sports uses a network firewall that protects any attempts at hacking their site. Read more

Online NRL Betting for New Zealanders


With a range of NRL markets at online bookmakers, worrying about missing out on rugby betting action is the last thing punters in New Zealand need to do. Using their computers, they can bet on pre-season games, premiership and representative season games, the finals series, and the Grand Final.

Many of the available markets allow for futures and live betting, as well as match bets and tournament outright and prop or exotic bets. Betting gathers momentum as the season progresses, but, to take advantage of great odds, many punters who want to bet on the winners of the Grand Final place their wagers fairly early in the season.

Of the teams in the league, only one calls New Zealand home. The rest are all based in that other great rugby-loving country, Australia. Read more

Gingerbread Lane Slot by Genesis


Gingerbread Lane slot is a slot with a number of themes all twined into one game. On the one hand it is not so subtly geared towards Christmas, but on the other it is a fantasy game about a bunch of edible people. The game has five reels and twenty five optional paylines that can be played for much as 20 coins per line, or as little as one.

Each coin can hold a value of between 0.01 currency units and up to 0.20. This puts Gingerbread Lane slot very firmly into the penny slot category. Gingerbread Lane slot is not a game that will appeal to high rollers, as the wager amounts are too small and there is no progressive jackpot to be won. Beginner players may find its simple layout and cheap wager amount inviting however. Read more

A Look Into Dinosaur Adventure Slot By Genesis Software


Genesis Software’s gaming portfolio just got a little bigger with the release of its new slot title. This new game not only complements other slot games within the portfolio, creating for a coherent slot selection, but it also has the gaming qualities to render it as a standalone slot masterpiece.

While some developers create similar slots one after the other, with not many differences spotted between gaming titles other than the themes, other developers like Genesis Software create unique slots, which are unique from all others in the range. Case in point is its latest offering, the Dinosaur Adventure Slot machine. Read more

Genesis Software Releases Deep Sea Diver Slot


April last year saw the release of a refreshing video slot game from the popular Genesis Software developer. With many slots themed according to ancient lands, exotic destinations and animals living on the land, it was about time that a developer looked to broader shores and offered a slot inspired by the big blue sea.

After being caught fresh from deep waters and placed in this slot’s virtual marine tank, players are now able to see jelly fish, eels, shells and never before seen underwater creatures on the blue reels of the Deep Sea Diver Slot.  The reels are bordered by a yellow submarine which lies on top of a background boasting an underwater environment, and even the game’s buttons feature hues of blue. Read more